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Hitachi Koki Co.,Ltd.

The Hitachi Koki Group has long recognized the importance of the environment and has been proactively promoting environmental protection activities. In recent years, we have further stepped up these activities as we move closer to the realization of a recycling-based society.
The Environmental Committee, which is headed by the General Manager of the Corporate CSR and Environmental Policy Division, deliberates and makes decisions on environmental policy and targets. In addition to members from manufacturing units, Environmental Committee participants include representatives from sales units such as Japanese branch stores, and Group companies such as Hitachi Koki Sales Co., Ltd., Sankyo Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. Overseas manufacturing affiliates have made progress in acquiring ISO 14001 certification, with six companies now certified. Manufacturing and sales units are thus working as one, and all Group companies are promoting environmental activities.
In fiscal 2015, the Company promoted vigorous environmental activities at all levels, including "Eco-products" with design for the environment, "Eco factories & offices" which help in areas such as prevention of global warming, and "Volunteer activity" with stakeholders in areas such as communication. Hitachi Koki considers environmental protection activities to be among its most important management responsibilities. We will continue promoting these activities across the Hitachi Koki Group and are confident of further improvements.

Factory tours

Elementary school students from Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture
on a company study tour view the final stage of product manufacturing.

ISO14001 Certification

The Hitachi Koki Group's environmental management system acquired ISO14001 certification in 1996. The overseas affiliated manufacturing companies also acquired ISO14001 certification as listed in the table below. Even after acquiring certification, we have continued to improve our environmental management systems for more effective use in the area of environmental management and to reduce environmental risk. In fiscal 2012, Guangzhou Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd., one of our overseas affiliated manufacturing companies, acquired ISO14001 certification.

Certificate of Registration

Companies Date of acquisition Certification organization
Hitachi Koki Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Koki Manufacturing & Service Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Koki Sales Co., Ltd.
Sankyo Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd.
September 24, 1996 JACO
Overseas - Europe
Hitachi Koki Europe Ltd. January 15, 1998 NSAI
Overseas - Asia
Hitachi Koki(Malaysia)Sdn.Bhd. July 20,2001 BVC
Guang Dong Hitachi Koki Co.,Ltd. April 19,2006 BSI
Hitachi Koki Taiwan Co.,Ltd. November 2,2006
Fujian Hitachi Koki Co.,Ltd. September 25,2007
Guangzhou Hitachi Koki Co.,Ltd October 8,2012

Certification organization
JACO: Japan Audit and Certification Organization
NSAI: National Standards Authority of Ireland
BVC: Bureau Veritas Certification
BSI: British Standards Institution