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Hitachi Koki Co.,Ltd.

CS33EA(S) / CS33EA(SP)

Chain Saw with Standard Handle

CS33EA(S) / CS33EA(SP) Chain Saw
  • New Pure Fire
  • New PureFire engine
  • Model CS33EA(SP) Meets U.S.(EPA PHASE3) and European(STAGE2) emission standards
  • Displacement 32.2mL(cc)
  • S-start: Soft and smooth start of recoil
  • Guide bar length 300mm or 350mm
Displacement 32.2mL (cc)
Max Power 1.2kW
Decomp.System NO
Fuel Tank Capacity 300mL
Oil Tank Capacity 190mL
Chain Pitch 3/8"
Guide Bar Length 300mm (12"): CS33EA(30S) / CS33EA(30SP)
350mm (14"): CS33EA(35S) / CS33EA(35SP)
Type of Guide bar Sprocket Nose
Chain Gauge 0.05"
Dimensions(L x W x H) 394 x 262 x 238mm
Dry Weight 4.2kg
Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications of parts and accessories without notice. Specifications and standard accessories may vary from country to country.