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Demolition Hammers

Best in class Demolition Performance
Demolition Hammer H65SB3/H65SD3
  • Alminium Housing Body
  • User Vibration Protection
  • Hex Shank

*As of October 2016. Among 16-18kg(H65SB3)/18-20kg(H65SD3)demolition hammers made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Surveyed by Koki Holdings)

Best in class Demolition Performance
  • Higher demolition performance
H65SB3 Approx.19% Higher / H65SD3 Approx.16% Higher The optimized hammer mechanism with a cylindrical striker delivers a high impact energy and efficient impact rate, resulting in higher demolition performance.

*1:As of October 2016. Among 16-18kg(H65SB3)/18-20kg(H65SD3) demolition hammers made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Surveyed by Koki Holdings)
*2:Compared to the previous model H65SB2/H65SD2. Actual performance results will vary depending on operational conditions.
  • Superior Working Comfort
Illustration of striker Due to the large heavyweight (cylindrical) striker, the chisel easily cuts into concrete, which makes users feel more comfortable during demolition work.
User Vibration Protection

The user vibration protection (UVP) system reduces vibration to a tri-axial vibration value of 15.5m/s2(H65SB3) and 13.9m/s2(H65SD3) by combining the following vibration control features.

  • Optimized Hammering Mechanism
Illustration of Optimized Hammering Mechanism secures sufficient air cushion and improves hammering movement, decreasing piston reaction force generated during hammering. This results in significant vibration reduction.
  • Shock-absorbing Construction (H65SB3 only)
Two front dampers on the front cover mount reduce vibration from an accessory tool. Image of Shock-absorbing Construction
  • Low Vibration Handle
Illustration of Low Vibration Handle Our original low vibration handle, which consists of the upper unit with spring and weight and the lower unit with hinge, reduces vibration and user fatigue, allowing for extended usage.
High Durability AHB
  • Internal Double-Insulation Construction with a Very Sturdy Aluminium Die-Cast Body and a Plastic Internal Stator Holder
Internal Double-Insulation Construction with a Very Sturdy Aluminium Die-Cast Body and a Plastic Internal Stator Holder makes the housing more rigid, significantly enhancing durability of the motor unit.
Improved Handling
  • Lock-On Button
Image of Lock-on button Lock-on button allows continuous operation without holding the switch lever. It is positioned at a little distance from the switch lever in order to prevent interruptions caused by accidental contact with the button during continuous operation.
  • Large Switch Lever
Image of Large Switch Lever Large, easy to grip switch lever is ideal for intermittent operation where the tool is switched on and off repeatedly.
  • Soft Grip Handle that Fits Comfortably in the Hand
Image of Soft Grip Handle Double-layered handles with hard and soft plastics offer more comfortable grip and improved handling.
  • 360°Rotating Side Handle with Comfortable Soft Grip
Image of Soft Side Handle The side handle is fitted with an elastomer grip that reduces transmission of vibration to the hand for less user fatigue.
  • Universal Tool Retainer (H65SD3 only)
Image of Universal Tool Retainer accepts 3 types of 28.5mm (1-1/8”) hex shank bits: standard hex, collarless retaining groove and air tool bits.


Model H65SB3 H65SD3
Power Input 1,340W
Full Load Impact Rate 1,400/min
Bit Shank 30mm Hex.(1-3/16") 28.5mm Hex.(1-1/8”)
Overall Length 731mm (28-3/4”) 848mm (33-3/8”)
Weight*1 18.0kg (39.7lbs.) 20.1kg (44.3lbs.)
Vibration Total Values
(triax vector sum)*2
Chiseling Vibration emission value ah, Cheq = 15.5m/s2 Vibration emission value ah, Cheq = 13.9m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5m/s2
Standard Accessories Bull Point, Carrying Case Carrying Case
Carrying Casewith CastersCarrying Case with Casters

*1:Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003.
*2:The vibration total values were determined according to EN60745.

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