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18V Cordless Impact Driver Drills
with Brushless Motor

High Performance and Compact Design
DV18DBSL Cordless Impact Driver Drills with Brushless Motor
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Brushless Motor
  • Compatible Batteries
  • The Large Dia. Brushless Motor and Optimized Gear Ratio Offers...
  • Most Powerful *1 Torque in its class & Significantly Increased Application Speeds
Illustration of the large dia. brushless motor and optimized gear ratio
*1: Except for the Max Torque Hard of the DV18DBSL. As of September 2016. Among 18V cordless impact driver drills made by leading power tool manufacturers (surveyed by Koki Holdings.)
*2: Compared to the previous models DV18DBEL
*3: When drilling (in High Mode + Drill Mode) into SPF 76mm in thickness with a ø24mm auger bit.

Application (Drilling) Wood Brick Steel
Wood Brick Steel
DV18DBSL 50mm 13mm 13mm
  • Runtime per Charge (approx.) *1
Number of screws driven in wood (Low Mode + Drill Mode)
DV18DBSL(5.0Ah/BSL1850)FApporox.138 screws *2

Number of holes drilled in brick (High Mode + Impact Mode)
DV18DBSL(5.0Ah/BSL1850)FApporox.194 holes *3
*1: The values are for reference purposes. They vary according to the work material and conditions.
*2: ø8 x 100mm wood screws into American pine (with 6.5mm pilot holes)
*3: Mortar 30mm in thickness, with a ø10 masonry drill bit
  • Compact Design with a Shorter Overall Length
18mm Shoter DV18DBSL: 184mm *
DV18DBEL: 202mm
* The overall length varies by region.
  • Double-Molded, Large Clutch Dial
Image of large clutch dial is clearly readable even when it's worn out.
It's also easy to grip for better handling.
  • Feedback Speed Control
reduces torque (rpm) fluctuation in a low speed range and ensures stable operation.
This makes follow-up tightening and drill positioning easier.
(Continuous work within a low speed range may cause the temperature of the unit to rise, activating a temperature protection circuit and automatically stopping operation.)

Our Original Brushless Motor Technology

  • ► No wearing parts (carbon brushes, commutator, field coil)
  • ► Our original compact controller
  • Long Lifetime, Maintenance-Free
The brushless motor offers a significantly extended product life cycle by eliminating trouble including armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear even in severe work environments. Besides, no carbon brush replacement is required.


Drill Chuck 1.5 - 13mm (1/16 - 1/2") Keyless
Capacity Brick 13mm (1/2")
Mild Steel 13mm (1/2")
Soft Wood 50mm (2")
Wood Screw 8 x 100mm (#20 x 4")
Machine Screw 6mm (1/4")
Battery Voltage 18V
No Load Speed High 0 - 1,800/min.
Low 0 - 400/min.
Impact Rate High 0 - 27,000/min.
Low 0 - 6,000/min.
Max Torque Hard 70Nm (620in-lbs.)
Soft 40Nm (354in-lbs.)
Torque Setting 1.0 - 4.5Nm (9 - 40in-lbs.)
Overall Length *1 184mm (7-1/4")
Weight *2 1.7kg (3.7lbs.) (with BSL1830C)
Vibration Total Values
(triax vector sum) *3
Impact Drilling into Concrete Vibration Emission Value ah, ID = 7.5m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5m/s2
Standard Accessories *4 2 Batteries (BSL1850, BSL1830C or BSL1830),
Charger (UC18YFSL, UC18YSL3 or UC18YKSL)
Driver Bit, Battery Cover, Carrying Case

*1: The overall length varies by region.
*2: According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003.
*3: Vibration total values (triax vector sum) were measured according to EN60745-2-1.
*4: The included batteries and charger vary by country or area.

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